MPLSART.COM’s mission is to promote visual art events in the Twin Cities.

The site is maintained purely in support of local art. It makes events accessible to a broad audience by providing a single source for a variety of listings and related information.

Success is more people in attendance at art events, stronger sales of local art, and an open creative community that welcomes all art enthusiasts.


MPLSART.COM was founded in 2005 by the incomparable designer/curator, Emma Berg. She saw a need for a consolidated, curated listing of important art events in the Twin Cities. In 2006, Emma was joined by fellow arts advocate, Kristoffer Knutson. Together, they ran the site and curated a host of exhibits and creativity-infused events. It was a work of passion, blood, sweat and so on.


Ten years after the original launch, MPLSART.COM lives on under Blaine and Katie Garrett. The new owners are driven by sincere devotion to promoting the local scene. The re-build has just begun and the site will continue to evolve as a platform for event listings, discussions, artist promotion, and celebrating local success.